Wormii Help

What is Wormii?

Wormii is a real-time, massively concurrent user sentiment chart for anything live. It enables users to visualize and share their sentiments during live events in a simple and interactive way.

How to Use Wormii

  1. Visit wormii.io.
  2. For mobile users, press and drag your finger on the chart to show your sentiment, moving up or down.
  3. Your sentiment is represented by the grey line.
  4. The room sentiment is displayed by the green line.
  5. Your cohort sentiment will be represented by either red (for republicans) or blue (for democrats).
  6. Use tags like wormii.io/~debate to create a new room.

Invite your friends to join the sentiment sharing. No login required, just share the URL and they can join in the fun!

How to Use Wormii with a YouTube or Rumble Live Stream

To overlay Wormii on a YouTube live stream, simply append the YouTube video ID to the Wormii URL like so: https://wormii.io/worm/debate?youtube={YouTube Video ID}.

For example, for the YouTube stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW1lY5jFNcQ, the Wormii URL would be https://wormii.io/worm/debate?youtube=wW1lY5jFNcQ.

This will run Wormii on the YouTube or Rumble live stream, allowing you to interact with the sentiment chart in real-time while watching the stream.